Were you wondering where that picture in the CD booklet came from? Here's the original, The Primitives in action at an outdoor party gig. If you want the date, you'll have to deduce it from that classic automobile. Peter and Jim the drummer were probably not quite high school freshmen yet in this photo, Bill the singer almost a junior and the acoustic-with-pickup guy Zane almost a senior. This was before Peter became the bass player, then took over the lead singer position and eventually came up with his first original songs—now lost to history, sadly. If you look closely, you can see that everyone's strumming a D chord. It was a little later that they got clued in on the classic configuration of lead, rhythm and bass players. In those day, everybody gathered around that single microphone out of necessity to sing the harmonies, by the way.

The Primitives played high school dances and teen club gigs and the very occasional frat party. The oldest member was naturally the first to leave the band, and was replaced by an organ player. This configuration lasted about a year, and—as often happens—the band broke up upon reaching its musical peak. (Though perhaps not essential from a musical standpoint, oldest guy Zane was the one who really held the band together, as it turned out.)


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